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98% Of Cold Traffic
Never Converts 📉

The world of DTC thrives on repeat customers, but the reality is brutal: On average, it takes consumers 8 different touch points before finally purchasing from your brand and 98% of cold traffic acquired through paid ads never converts into a sale.Even those who do make a first purchase often vanish, leaving brands scrambling to win them back with high CPM remarketing campaigns or defaulting back to profit-killing promo codes...Reclaiming these lost customers becomes a vicious cycle. Paid media, while essential for initial acquisition, can be expensive & a liability, forcing brands to constantly invest in attracting new audiences just to maintain sales volume.This not only places massive stress on your marketing team, but is a financial nightmare the next time Meta decides to have a massive outage or overspending glitch (Thanks Zuck 👎).

Don't let your brand get lost in the inbox! Strategic email campaigns are your 1-way ticket to staying top of mind & top of heart ❤️We go beyond basic automated emails, crafting captivating content that seamlessly integrates with your marketing calendar.This fosters customer relationships at every touchpoint, nurturing leads and turning them into loyal fans.Our secret sauce?Hyper-targeted messaging. We segment your audience to deliver personalized content that resonates, skyrocketing engagement and conversions.Plus, email campaigns are a goldmine for valuable user data. We help you gather insights into customer preferences and buying habits, allowing you to refine your approach for an even greater impact, and give your paid media team the date they need to launch powerful profit expansion campaigns.And don't forget your brand champions! Nurturing loyal customers through exclusive offers and VIP treatment keeps them coming back for more, while simultaneously attracting new customers through their positive word-of-mouth.

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Transforming Your Email & SMS Marketing with Precision and Expertise

Strategic Foundations

We kick off with a thorough understanding of your brand, market position, and customer insights. Our strategic consultation includes an audit, competitive analysis, and identification of opportunities.This foundation supports a tailor-made email and SMS strategy, complete with clear KPIs and a detailed action plan aligned with your customer lifecycle.

Creative and Technical Development

Our team develops a robust email infrastructure and sophisticated segmentation, paired with seamless integrations.Concurrently, our in-house creative experts craft compelling content and designs that resonate deeply with your audience, ensuring each campaign is both engaging and effective.

Precision Execution

We meticulously set up automated workflows and campaign deployments, handling every detail from technical setup to content precision.Our rigorous quality assurance process ensures every campaign is optimized for maximum impact, ensuring direct delivery into the primary inbox.

Evaluation and Evolution

Post-launch, we monitor and analyze every aspect of campaign performance. Monthly and quarterly reports provide insights and actionable data, which we use to continuously refine and enhance your strategy.Our commitment to continuous improvement keeps your campaigns at the forefront of effectiveness and innovation.



1 single month of restructuring the flows + scheduling well-thought-out campaigns drove extreme results...

  • 125% Increase in Store Sessions

  • 185% Increase in Overall Sales

  • 149% Increase in Total Orders

  • 10% Increase on Front End CVR



By launching carefully segmented campaigns with messages tailored to the readers.

The Results:

  • $1,029,500 in 30 Days

  • $55 AOV

  • $664K in Campaigns

  • 365.5K in Flows

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Aaryan "AP" Patel

Head of Account Growth & Lead Strategist

5 years of email marketing experience for DTC brands: millions of dollars generated & your go-to expert for flow design, backend segmentation, & campaign planning.

Superpower: Rapid strategy planning and analysis ⚡Weakness: Has energy drinks at night more than "once-in-a-while."

Walker LevAN

Founder of AirFried Media LLC

Mr. "seen it all" - 5 years of paid media experience on Meta, Google, & YouTube. Passionate about creative strategy, copywriting, and nerd stuff like market research.

Superpower: Can identify even the smallest opportunities and areas of improvement 🔍Weakness: Has to check every notification immediately.