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Scale With Certainty: Leverage customer data to the fullest extent

Profit First Funnel Method

The Profit First Funnel Method (PFFM) is the most efficient way for established brands to maximize their profits and scale. The entire system is based around 3 key hallmarks:

  • Data Monetization: Capitalize on the most powerful asset at your brand's disposal via hyper-segmented customer lists.

  • Focused on Profit, Not Just Revenue: Precision is key. We prioritize developing the most valuable aspects of the funnel first. This ensures a profitable and reliable foundation for reaching new audiences.

  • Self Perpetuating Growth: Each part has a specific role, helps the overall system, and continuously enhances the revenue-generating process. This approach forms a managed "ecosystem" rather than a standard marketing funnel.

Traditional TOF, MOF, BOF Marketing Is a Waste

As Your Business Grows, So Should Your Marketing

Traditional funnels are dependent on TOF campaigns, with little regard for maximizing potential profits. This causes plateaus and degrading ROI. Established brands need to step up their game.

  • TOF, MOF, BOF: Start broad, get noticed — that's the TOF rule. But smart brands know when to shift gears. It's not just about more sales; it's about better sales. Middle and Bottom of the Funnel? That's where the magic happens. Here, it's less about quantity, more about quality — turning curious onlookers into loyal buyers. Bottom line: Don't just grow; grow smarter. Aim for profit, not just revenue.

  • Short Term Wins - Think Bigger: Let's talk real about marketing. It's easy to get caught up in the rush of short-term wins. You know... making those ad numbers jump and feeling great about it. But here's the thing: if that's all you're focusing on, you might be missing the bigger picture. What really counts is building something that lasts, not just celebrating the quick victories. So, let's aim for a balance — enjoy the immediate wins, sure, but keep your eyes on the prize of long-term growth.

Steps to scale

How Does This Work

The Profit First Funnel Method is designed for well established brands & follows a very specific roadmap to maximize brand profitability and marketing longevity.

  • Data Monetization + Profit Expansion: The initial steps in converting a traditional funnel into a "Profit First Funnel" begins with monetizing already existing data through email, SMS, and Google.

  • Demand Capturing & Nurturing: Effienciently convert ready to buy in-market audiences & convert warm traffic.

  • Multichannel Awareness & Demand Generation: Unlike the traditional marketing funnel, cold audience expansion is the final component of the PFFM. It's ordinarily the most unpredictable & expensive part of marketing so that's why we build it on top of a highly profitable backend system. You earn more customers now, and more returning customers later.


Who are your services for?

○ E-commerce Brands who want to monetize their existing customer data & scale across multiple channels.○ Minimum of $20,000 monthly ad spend required
(Or $10,000 for at least 5 months)

Are there long-term contracts?

We have a 3-month contract with a first month performance-based structure that ensures profitability or you can cancel before the second month.

Do you have a guarantee?

You will be profitable within the first month or else our 3 month contract is voided. We do everything with your bottom line in mind

What happens to my current campaigns if I work with you?

Nothing, at least not until it makes sense to change anything. The PFFM is slowly implemented so we can ensure every stage of implementation is profitable and justifies the next step. + We play nice with any in-house marketers too ;)

I'm interested but still unsure.

Just book a call! And leave your wallet in another room. This first call is NOT a sales call. We absolutely will not accept a client we aren't completely sure we can help.
We'll explore your current situation, make recommendations, and go from there.

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